Mary Kelly Center

The Mary Kelly Center opened its doors on January 25, 2014, serving as the quality of life programming hub for the residence of the Town Fork Creek and Blue Hills neighborhoods. In 2013 the Green Impact Zone conducted a series of community visioning sessions with residence surrounding the Kelly Center to gauge their interest in programming and activities to take place at the facility. Residents identified several key areas of importance including digital literacy, fitness, and affordable rentals spaces. Staff immediately begin working diligently to ensure that the desires of residents were being met, beginning with digital literacy programming in partnership with Arts Tech KC. Within the first six months, programming expanded to include Zumba, cardio kickboxing, senior fitness, gardening and more!

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The first year saw more that 600 residents register as members of the community center both taking advantage of program offerings and utilizing rental spaces. Membership and participation numbers continued to increase over the next several years with membership eclipsing 1000 in late 2016.

Currently, “It is the mission of the Mary Kelly Center to be the center of the neighborhood transformation through quality of life programming and social service offerings. Our facility includes a computer lab, multi-purpose classrooms, a classic cafe, a conference room, a regulation size gymnasium, a well equipped fitness room, and a state of the art dance studio. At our core, we are focused on health, nutrition and providing classes and programs that work to improve ones quality of life.”

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